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know the whole amount of money that Mr Bull + Mr Mason commenced trading upon. Ansr. I do not, how should I. 12th Quest Who usually bot the negroes for the concern of Bull + Mason? Ansr. Mr Bull I believe. 13th Quest Do you know who usually paid for them? Ansr. I believe Mr Bull did. 13th Q. Who usually kept the money belonging to Bull + Mason? Ansr. I do not know. Mason did not after have any, I suppose Mr Bull had it, unless it was put in Strangers hands - 14th Q. Did you ever understand from Mr Bull on Mr Mason, which of them kept the partnership funds? Ansr. not that I recollect, If I was well I might recollect better, but I did not attend to such things as that. 15th Q. Out of what funds did Mr Bull usually pay for negroes, his own or Bulls & Masons? Ansr. I cannot tell, but I never knew him to send to Mr Mason for funds. 16th Q. Do you know what became of the money for which the negroes were usually sold, ? whether any part, or the whole of it went into the hands of John Bull or Chas Mason? Ansr. I do not know. If much of it went to Chas Mason I do not know what he done with it; I never saw him have much. He was never fit to do his business. Charles Mason always carried the negroes away + sold them, + I never knew him to bring much money back 17th Quest. Out of what money did I understand you to say Mr Mason loaned fifty dollars to Jacob White? Ansr. I told you once, the money he got of Bagwell Taylor 18th Qn. How did you ascertain, whether Mr Mason brot home money or not, when he would return from the sale of negroes? Ansr. He would always have to have a scold about not doing right. 19th Q. When Mason brought money at all, how much did he usually bring? Ansr. I cannot say at this time. 20th Q. Was the little that he did bring usually kept about the house? Ansr. He never kept much that I saw. I never went to his Desk every time he went - 21st Quest. Do you think Mason was in the habit of keeping more than 5 or 10 dollars about his house? Ansr. I do not think he was, long at a time I don't believe he knew half his time what he did with his money. 22nd Q. Was Mason drunk or Sober when Bull told Mason he should pay for the negro? Ansr. of course he was not sober, for it took him 2 or 3 weeks, to get fully sober when he returned from Norfolk. 23rd Quest. When was it that Mr. Bull refused the money from Mason, because it was not all there, was it when the boy was got rid of or some other time? Ansr. I think it was the time he got fooled out of the negro, but I have been asked so many questions, it makes me forget. 24th Quest. Did you ever hear Mr